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Primary Extracurricular Activities, Sept 2009-July 2010


This past academic year saw many varied school trips beginning in October 2009 and ending on the 5th July 2010. Besides those listed below which took place out of school, there were many other activities that were performed at school.

Year 6 pose for the camera at Windsor train station.

The school trips were well spread out throughout the year, except in the last term, when on a couple of occasions, two different year groups went out on the same day. This occurred because of the non-availability of venues, since the summer term is the busiest time of the year.

Transport and costs £££££

In the first term, public transport was used for most Key Stage 2 activities. However, by the last term, all classes, with the exception of year 4, used private transport. Many teachers felt that although private transport was expensive, it was worth the cost, for peace of mind and child safety.

The AMPA organised the booking of coaches and were very generous in providing each tutor with £200 which they could use to subsidise travelling costs or to purchase teaching resources.


The school trips were a great success and teachers’ comments were very positive.
Some parents volunteered to accompany the teachers and pupils on different excursions and they were very helpful.

Proposals for improvement:

• That all trips are planned at least six weeks in advance which gives parents enough time to be informed and send in payment. Venues require payment well in advance and can cancel if this is ignored.

A deadline must be set so that parents are in the knowledge that if authorisation and payment is not provided by the set date, their child will not be able to attend.
These measures would facilitate information of numbers, packed- lunch requirements and prompt payment of entrance tickets and workshops.It would make the organisation of school trips much easier.

Year 6 at the Victorian school.
What's making Benji smile, I wonder?

School trips for the academic year 2009-2010.

5th July 2010 --Holland Park, Infantil

2nd July 2010-- London Zoo, Year 3

2nd July 2010--Windsor Castle, The Wheel and boat ride, Year 6

1st July 2010--Polka Theatre ‘Pirates’,Years 4 and 5

24th June 2010--London Zoo,Year 4
23rd June 2010--Polka Theatre,‘Pirates’, Year 3

18th June 2010--Hampton Court, Year 5

28th May 2010--Victorian Ragged School, Year 6

A large group of orphans 1912 outside the Ragged School

13th May 2010-- The Polka Theatre, ‘Charlie and Lola’,Year 1

"Love the hat Ana!"

12th May 2010--The Polka Theatre,  ‘Charlie and Lola’, Infantil

31st March 2010-- The Natural History Museum, Year 3

29th March 2010--The British Museum, Year 4

26th March 2010--The Poetry Library, The South Bank, Year 4

23rd March 2010-- ‘Dinosaurs’ exhibition in Oxford St., Infantil

22nd March 2010 -- Music Festival, The Barbican, Concert : Splash Years 4, 5 & 6

18th March 2010-- The Saatchi Gallery, Year 4

11th February 2010 -- The Science Museum, Year 3

17th December 2009 --The Polka Theatre, ‘James and the Giant Peach’, Year 4

15th December 2009-- The Science Museum, Launch Pad and I-Max, Year 6

15th December 2009 --The Lyric Theatre, ‘Baking Time’, Infantil

I always thought that Javier would go far!

27th November 2009--The Barbican, Animated film and workshop Year 6

26th November --The Polka Theatre, ‘James and the Giant Peach',Years 3 & 5

25th November --Visit to the Japanese School , Year 2

24th November-- The Barbican: Animated film and workshop,Year 5

20th November -- The Polka Theatre, ‘James and the Giant Peach’, Year 2

2nd November -- The Barbican, Concert: ‘The Enchanted Kingdom’, Years 2 & 3

26th October -- The Little Angel Theatre,‘Petrouska’, Infantil

20th October -- Children Film Festival,Notting Hill Gate Cinema, Year 4

19th October --The Wetlands Centre, Hammersmith, Year 4

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  1. Es un idea estupenda que todos podamos participar de las oportunidades culturales que ofrece Londres a nuestros alumnos.
    Muchas gracias por poner este espacio a disposición de la Comunidad educativa.